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Thread: Ommac 18 retribution card so far and matching sept 7th 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuntanSuperman View Post
    How about equality

    Not all fights are filmed and certainly not for every angle
    So if it's not applied universally to every fight should it e to some

    And what if the video shows what could be a tsp. opens up a can of wirms
    Why have you got problem with this decision so much? It doesn't affect your life in any way you wasn't the ref, you wasn't in the fight and you wasn't even at the Show. He tapped to the submission and then lied twice to Marc Goddards face when he asked if he had tapped. Ive got badly broken nose because of Gaz firms lie because it occurred after the tap so i took unnecessary punishment due him lying about not tapping that is probably going to stop me fighting for couple of months.. So people might call me biased but I think it's the right decision to overturn the result.
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