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Thread: Tai Chi Chuan (and the Internal Martial Arts) for MMA Seminar - with UFC veteran

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    Default Tai Chi Chuan (and the Internal Martial Arts) for MMA Seminar - with UFC veteran

    Seminar details:
    "Push Hands Evolution" - Sat 3rd Aug, 1-5pm, Oxford, £40

    Hello everyone, if you are unfamiliar with what the Internal Martial Arts (e.g. Tai Chi, Bagua, Hsing-Yi) have to offer, feel free to contact me and I will happily explain more. You can reach me on

    To summarise though, there are several qualities integral to martial development that I believe the Internal Styles develop better, compared with the regular martial arts currently used in MMA (e.g. boxing, judo, muay thai, etc).
    These include:
    - "rooting". Being well connected to the ground at all times so you can generate more power and are more stable.
    - "sensitivity". Being able to listen through touch to where you're opponent's center of gravity/balance is, and early detection of their attempts to generate force towards you.
    - "whole body coordination/integration". This could also be referred to as"body-mechanics", and teaches us to use our body in a much more efficient manner which leads to increased power and speed. Improves structural alignment and harmonises movement until the body learns to move as one unit. Nothing is isolated, nothing moves independently.

    ...These are the main qualities, and by improving these skills alone you will notice considerable gains in your sparring/fighting.

    You will also get an introduction to ways of training that help increase focus/awareness/concentration, and ways to balance the hard training MMA is well known for with some softer training, which will help prevent burn-out and heal existing injuries.

    After a long break concentrating on training my basics, I have recently begun sparring again and have noticed the effectiveness of these new tools in my arsenal. One of my sparring partners: well-known and respected UK and International MMA fighter Dean Amasinger will gladly testify to the improvements to my game these new training methods have added.

    There is nothing mystical about these skills (other than if you choose to describe perceiving/experiencing something new which you didn't expect and can't instantly explain,as mystical), just advanced body mechanics/strategy/principles.

    I will be hosting this seminar along with one of my Tai Chi teachers, Dave Baker. He is 52 years old and if you can push him out of a marked area better than he can do it to you, i will give you your money back!

    This seminar is not aimed at angry people with a chip on their shoulder. It is for open-minded martial art enthusiasts who are on a never ending journey of developing their skill-set.

    Balance, harmony, vitality

    Nick Osipczak

    ps- im not going to be getting invloved in any "why dont you see any internal-stylists competing in the UFC" debates. Either you are interested and open to learning some new stuff , which is great, or you're not interested, which is also great.

    pps- "push hands" is the name given to the practise of being able to find your opponent's centre and uproot/off-balance them, whilst hiding/protecting your centre from being manipulated by them. if you can keep your opponent off-balance then they can't generate any significant offence, and whilst they are trying to regain their balance you can have your way with them!


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    Somebody has to bridge the gap between the thick skulled Cage Fighers and false masters of the death touch qi energy.
    There's some solid grounding in the "soft" martial arts but you have to see where that ends and where the "hard" arts merge.

    Nice to see somebody exploring the realities of what it has to offer.

    That said.., good luck with the price tag :-S
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    There is a benefit in doing internal training for fight training - though there needs to be more work in defining exactly what it is and mechanisms behind it. Injury prevention / reduction would be a good guess, before saying it directly improves performance as its harder to prove the latter.

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    Too busy doin suplexes n' flyin stuff fo' this shit...

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