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    Wonderful to have you here.

    It is customary around these parts to introduce yourself by writing about your 5 favourite boxers. Would that be ok? No more than 250 words or so per boxer should do it.

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    for me my top five, I don't have a top 5 yet but there are three that I consider as a role model, they are Amir khan, my couch Essah Nassar and George Foreman, I like Amir Khan because I think that he will dominate welterweight division, he's young,fast and powerful, tha's a great combination.
    Essah Nassar is one of the pioneers in Boxing, Thai boxing and kick boxing here in Jordan he has trained more than 600 players in the past 20 years, my uncle was one of them and now he is a referee, Essah has helped my friend Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady to become the first and youngest mma fighter in dessert force one the 66 kilos weight class
    and last but not least Forman he's a great boxer, has won lots of fights and made it as one of the greatest in the heavyweight devigion

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