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Thread: McDonough, Haggstrom, Pennington and Johns to contest CWFC bantamweight title tourney

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay View Post
    To be fair, they were updated monthly but they've taken a backseat of late. I hear they'll be back soon. But thanks Bri
    No probs Jay but they defo haven`t been touched in atleast 4/5 months.
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    I'm so pumped/amped/psyched/stoked for this tourney that I can't even think of any more silly synonyms to describe how excited I am.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dadyJ View Post
    Very good chance of an all welsh final! IMO Pennington vs mr pink will be a great stand up battle with a TKO coming possible late 1st or 2nd round! - its a tight match to call! haggstrom is going to be dominated/finished in his bout with bret

    Aslong as there no injuries going into second round i think we could be looking at a welsh final
    I dont think pennington vs pink will be a stand up battle i think it has ground fight written all over it ,, i do agree that johns will beat haggstrom and finshed but not dominated ,,, i think johns might take this ... also to take into to consideration is how much weight the fighters cut ,,,
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    Touch wood no1 gets injured, be very interesting if they do, as if mr pink do get to final, kris Edwards is a replacement if he wins his fight,

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    Unfortunately McDonough is out injured. In steps Kris Edwards...

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    Edwards to win
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    Can't imagine the size difference between Edwards and Pennington if they fight.

    Edwards is a good replacement.

    EDIT - they are fighting
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    Well done Ian Dean for saving the day. And of course Kris too
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    Has this thrown a spanner in the works for the fighter's game plans?
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