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Thread: McDonough, Haggstrom, Pennington and Johns to contest CWFC bantamweight title tourney

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    I would like to see Haggestrom v Pennington in the final as I think it will be the best fight of the bunch.

    Pennington is massive for a BW but Haggestrom (like James said) is a real smart fighter and a format like this could suit him. Johns seems like a pressure fighter so likely if you cant put him away early then he will zap quite a bit of energy of you making the road to the final harder. If Pennington does win then I think it would be by beating McDonough then a tired Haggestrom
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    This is awesome, I hope someone gets some odds up for this, would be good to have a bet on

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    5 round fight in final????? Certainly make u earn ur belt in cage warriors. Thats a potential 8 x 5 minute rounds in one night these guys will need to come in shape!!!!

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    My man mr pink for the belt! Some of Europes best talent in this tourney, defiantly gonna be some fireworks on the night!
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    great news. One night tournaments are fucking awesome. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thaison View Post
    Draw will be important.

    Häggström is the smartest fighter I've ever competed against.
    James is the most physical bantamweight I've seen and really well rounded.
    Two welsh lads are young, confident and hungry.

    Very cool

    I'd love to see JP and Haagstrom in the final, it'd showcase some amazing skills over 5 rounds.
    Who knows though, MMA is very unpredictable.
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    Dumb question after thinking about this tourney... Brum is a significant omission surely? May have missed something haven't exactly had my finger on the pulse recently. Just curious!

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    Got to be either Brum or Pennington participating as they are team mates.

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    Brum is further ahead of JP career wise and tbh is looking to fight highly ranked guys.
    He's chasing David Aranda but he's ducking him so it'll be someone else very likely.
    Not that the guys in the tourney aren't good but as he's already soundly beaten one and is ranked above all of them so it seemed a better option for JP.
    The tourney date also wasn't a good one for Brum so it opened up this opportunity for JP which he will be grabbing with both hands.
    If you love fighting you can never really lose!!!!!

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    Cheers mate. Just thought brum was a shoe-in for next shot shot at the Cwfc strap but understand the reasons. Best of luck to all the fighters

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