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Thread: McDonough, Haggstrom, Pennington and Johns to contest CWFC bantamweight title tourney

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    would be better if this got expanded to be a 32 man one night tournament. Cause as I said, one night tournaments are awesome. There really need to be more in MMA. Quickest way to make a name for yourself. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    I agree with king, would like to see more one night tourneys in UKMMA, the format imo adds to the excitement and brings a lot of surprises as anything can happen with things like the draw, who comes through the semis unscathed and who goes into the final after a war, who is the best conditioned fighter etc.

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    Name 32 bantamweights that you'd like to see in the tournament

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzly. View Post
    Name 32 bantamweights that you'd like to see in the tournament
    Mike Persil
    Craig Allen
    Danny Welsh

    The rest is fucking details
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    Ha ha, how does a 4 man tourny suddenly turn into a 32 man idea???!

    I actually like how Bellator do things where by they may have an 8 man over a few events.

    As a fighter do you want to have all those uncontrollable variables to contend with?

    At least 8 man over a few events then you know the fighters get a fair crack at the title and can train for a specific fighter but can still maintain excitement as they get built up through the tourny
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    I got james winning this.

    Think Aranda is abut 36-37 now not sure what he's planning fight wise, don't know I'd Sirwan kakai would be an available for Brum to fight. Need to wait and see what went in in tuf.

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    I restricted myself to 32. My first thought was 128!!!!

    Bellator is a happy compromise of tournaments over multiple shows. But in my perfect world there would be more one night tournaments. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thaison View Post
    I got james winning this.
    Same here, great minds think alike.
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    I think tourney suits Pennington better than brim also, Pennington puts his guys away fairly quick where as brim takes a lot to decision. So he stands a better chance imo

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    James Brum should be in this, better than the rest IMO.

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