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Thread: McDonough, Haggstrom, Pennington and Johns to contest CWFC bantamweight title tourney

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    first round is only going to be a deciding factor if somebody gets cut up or injured! - all 4 fighters "should" be physicaly capable of going 8 rounds that night if necisary! although people are saying "draw is going to be important" i cant see there being any difference if haggstrom fights brett johns, pennington or mcdonough in first round or vice versa.....all 4 fighters are on same level, its not going to be about the draw, its going to be about who can impliment their gameplan most effectively over 2 fights IMO

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    When is the draw taking place?

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    Predictions on a draw, mr pink beats Pennington, johns beats haggstrom, then a nice big welsh decider, be amazing night, went to the last cardiff show, this 1 is gonna be even better,

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    i know where my paddypower money is going on this tourni

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    Have a premonition that Haggstrom wins then gets dismantled by Ronnie "Iron" Mann later on in the year, as long as Uncle Dana doesn't steal him. If so, Brum will do the biz.

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    Mr pink or Brett johns to win im staying loyal to the welsh but should be amazing night defo going to this show again,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Bri View Post
    September 14th, James Pennington will be 10.1.0.
    He'll be the Kayo MMA Bantamweight Champion, Shock n Awe British Bantamweight Champion and Cage Warriors WORLD champion.
    That is all
    If you love fighting you can never really lose!!!!!

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    Bri, I am taking Pennington for the win but tourny formats can often be hard to predict as there are alot of variables and can also depend on draw and the first fight
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    I don`t care who he fights tbh.
    He`s fighting 2 out of the 3 so we`re not working on anyone in particular.
    Just training for the semi would be a mistake, 2 hours after that fight he fights someone completely different, they could get injured and he has 2 fight`s that night + all the fighters are of differing styles so it`s just hard work and let`s see what happens.
    I`ve a feeling 1 of these guys will pull anyway so we`ll have to wait and see.
    If you love fighting you can never really lose!!!!!

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