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Thread: 6/15 - Conor/Floyd

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    Default 6/15 - Conor/Floyd

    Fight got announced today.

    What are your early thoughts on Conor verses Floyd? - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    Well I figured it would happen as too much money involved for the new owners to walk away from. But if Conor gets humiliated it could really affect MMA's public perception.

    But surely this ends Conor's MMA career as if he's making the sort of money being mentioned he won't be stepping back in the Octagon for "just" a couple of million. And if Dana matches the Mayweather fight money to get him back in the cage other top tier fighters will then expect a significant increase themselves.

    Conor hits hard but he'll be in there against one of the greatest defensive boxers the sport has ever seen. Provided Floyd is motivated & trains properly I see this being a dominant one sided beating with Conor not getting close enough to land more than a couple of glancing blows. (Of course I also said that both Mendes wrestling & Aldos legkicks would give Conor problems!!)

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    It's obvious that conor is just picking up the money and then riding into the sunset and good luck to him. As a sporting contest it will be non existent.

    They will try and talk up conor's chances pre fight but obviously he doesn't stand a chance. The sad thing to me is that we will never see him fight in mma again.

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    It didn't get announced. Dana White just said it was happening.
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    even the bbc says it is on go
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    UFC facebook said its on

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    if conor decides to box him then its over, if he just fights his style then i think he could be in with a good chance.

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    a farce that should never have been commissioned, but the athletic commission obviously care more about profit than fighter safety (49-0 vs 0-0)

    the first 2-3 exchanges will be exciting then we'll see the guy that was puffed out whiffing power punches against nate diaz get played with in another floyd mayweather sparring match

    i like everyone will watch with interest but grumble throughout at the circuis that it is
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    It's not confirmed.
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    is it just the athletic commission that hasn't approved? there will be mega back handers being placed right now
    The mind of the believer stagnates. It fails to grow outward into an unlimited, infinite universe.

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