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Thread: Gym banter, in-jokes,piss takes

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    Default Gym banter, in-jokes,piss takes

    A lot of the time the lads you train with end up knowing you better than mates outside of MMA, and because of this a lot more (and more ruthless) shouts come out. Weather its a funky pair of vale tudos, a slightly course hair growth or a slight favour toward a certain brand and/or fighter- it all gets blown right out of proportion to a scale that primary school kids would find immature. All in the name of having a laugh, obviously,but still some brutally funny shit gets said/happens in the gym which would make a few (only have a few anyway) of my other mates re-evaluate their friendship.
    Be good to hear some if anyone can be arsed. Victims can remain nameless...

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    Left my previous gym as the coach was too ruthless, he was on my case to push push. I told him to leave me alone when I am on the toilet!
    Mike "the mic" Persil

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