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Thread: Scary situations working the doors!

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    Had more good times than bad times on the doors.
    This when u earn your money and people realise and respect as u have to step and deal with crap. Glad u got out OK and found out who the jacket fillers are on your team. How did the guy get that close to you to bite no no offence ?Never ever let anyone get within arms lengths of u. I always always got rid of twats fast and removed glasses bottles etc straightaway. and if u let in shit u will havevto deal with it. Seen a lot of bouncers come a cropper when dropping their mental and physical guard headbutts by shaking hands and pulling in biting ears when someone pretending to be friendly etc etc Head door team should be very selective on who comes in. Good reminder I had both hep jabs years ago when on the doors get it done if u haven't already. I really would like to know what your firm said yo your colleagues who let u both down when it went off. I would sack the lot. Buy yourself some Damascus gloves too knife ans needle proof for sea
    rching on front door if u r on occasion
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