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Thread: Finalised card for Freeman vs. Rodriguez event this weekend

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Boogaloo View Post
    take that back, goddammit!
    Which part

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    From Freeman's FB:

    Ok guys I've had a good hard think over the weekend about my career. My main goal lately was to hurt Shamrock in a fight but he's proven to be a coward and decided to admit he doesn't want to fight me. I would have liked to of had a chance to fight him on the October UK UFC, but that's not gonna happen.

    I've realised also that there's a lot of retarded interviewers out there like MMA Cript who giggled trough my interview, were two faced liars and can't get a story or a question straight. I've since looked at photos of the guys working at MMA Cript and realise they are kids. Skinny little TapOut t-shirt wearing idiots. And this made me think to myself, there's too many young idiots been giving the chance to ruin MMA.

    I'm 47 next month, and yes, it is too old to fight. Not only that, I'm not in the greatest of health, I haven't been for a while now, but I've ignored the dangers of my doctor and pushed forward and fought and won. On a plus side, I have a beautiful grandson who's grandad is a MMA legend and I can't wait to pass my stories down to him. I have a beautiful wife who has supported me through out my career and I've been lucky enough not to sustain any major injuries. And let's not forget my gorgeous talented fighting daughter Kennedy, who may follow in my footsteps into the UFC one day.

    So, I guess you know where this is going with this ... Yes, I'm officially retired. Time to let the younger generation take over and my students learn my skills. I won't quit training and I will always be The Machine, but my days of getting stressed out are over.

    Thank you for all your supports guys. Without you I'm nothing. Love to you all.

    Ian "The Machine"Freeman.
    Goes out on a win with a great tale to tell, and a pioneering career to look back on.

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    Great ambassador of UK MMA who has done it all so fair play to him.

    When I saw the FB campaign to get him back in the UFC I was slightly shocked so im glad he has re-thought this and realised its not viable. All the best for the future!

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    It's MMA. I only believe someone is retired when they die. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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