I was sparring today, we both had big boxing gloves on, and I got a tap (it really was a very low powered connection) in my left eye with the thumb section of my opponent's glove. Straight away my eye went watery and blurry. I finished out the round and sat down thinking it would clear it up, but it didn't.

Here we are six hours later and it's still the same. The eye ball and socket both don't hurt at all to the touch in any way, and there's no other pain, but if I close my left I and look out of my right I have completely clear vision, whereas if I close my right I and look out my left it's blurred all over the place, sort of like I'm look through a teary eye.

Has anybody had anything like this before, and is it a "it will clear up in a day or two" or a "get down to the doctor ASAP" job?