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Thread: Wierdest tales in UK MMA

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    I remember that time I jumped the barriers and leapt into the UFC Octagon only to be acosted by Marc Goddard and ejected from the event
    If you didn't see it with your own eyes, or hear it with your own ears, don't invent it with your small mind and share it with your big mouth!

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    I believe Ian Jones, Paul Jenkins and Sol Gilbert have both been responsible for in-cage 'accidents'.

    From this very forum:

    Quote Originally Posted by The ZT Team View Post
    Seriously it was fucking hillarious.... congrats on Marious on catching my back as i was tripoding up and bouncing to escape i felt my stomach go and hey presto im left with a melted chocolate button in my pants...
    The funniest thing is John "The Hitman " Hathaway cutting of my wraps in the toilet whilst i'm trying to take my pants off..

    ZT Top Tips..

    Dont do Caffeine based drinks pre fight
    Do find a toilet that has toilet paper ( so you go pre fight)
    Dont give up your back!!
    Do run like a mutha fucka out of the cage to try a salvage your dignity
    Dont except a sponsorship deal from Huggies or pampers..

    Great night, great fight up intill............

    Apologies for leaving the cage livo, i really couldn't hang about......

    Thanks to all

    And from Big Jimmy:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apollo Reed View Post
    I remember a certain forum member getting KO'd in 9 seconds only to ride his motor bike off into the sunset.

    Also I was at a local event where someone got stabbed, not weird or anything but pretty scary.
    Kamikaze 2 at Temple Park?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Boogaloo View Post
    I once heard a story about a massive sofa being nicked from a hotel the day after a show. apparently, it must have been a 4 man lift, they just picked it up and walked off leaving the promoter with an impending chat at reception

    will try to think of more
    I saw that sofa and it was fucking huge. 10 points for a big rob. LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by Babycakes View Post
    What town was that mate newcastle sunderland or Boro?
    South Shields at the Temple Park Leisure Centre. There was a fight or two in the crowd also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashy51 View Post
    Kamikaze 2 at Temple Park?
    Yep thats it.

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    my memory might be shit but wasn't there a show where there was a massive fight and somebody threw a piano down off a balcony?

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    ^ I think I remember some people throwing a pool table off a balcony at a local show in Doncaster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Apollo Reed View Post
    Yep thats it.
    He also did the same thing on another show I fought on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emmet J View Post
    ^ I think I remember some people throwing a pool table off a balcony at a local show in Doncaster.
    that was it, piano sounded better tho

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