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Thread: UK MMA Rankings Update - July 2013

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    Correct. Guys not fighting in a year holding top spots but I guess injuries, personal circumstances can obviously impact this, if I was out for a few months due to injuries I'd be a wee bit peed off of guys jumped me without beating guys similar ranked or above and moved up the rankings cause I've been out for a few months. But the rankings are a rough guide not everyone will be pleased and Jay and the team do a great job in a very difficult task, I'd say the are most accurate ul get in the UK and eire
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    Yeah looks like freeman will hold a top spot now for a year cause he ain't gonna fight again that's obviously a guy we ain't gonna jump now unless u get someone above him which very hard as a couple of guys ufc or there abouts and won't fight guys like myself further down the ranks. If like a guy says he is making a permanent move to a certain weight and then gets ranked in his new weight. Is it then the same case if guys are retiring or will he hold a top spot now till a year's time. Jus a wee thought hehe
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    Thanks for all the feedback guys - we genuinely take concerns on board to make them the best resource possible.

    If someone officially announces a retirement then they exit. If someone is inactive for a year they exit. So that clears up a couple of problems hopefully

    Had some people kicking off because Neil Wain went out, but he hasn't fought in well over a year, so people generally find something to kick off about depending on their agendas.

    Re: guys not fighting that often, to some degree I agree with Ian, but Rab makes a good point too. If people were overtaking others because they were busier, but not beating people at the same level or having wins that were as good, then there's a claim for concern both sides. We do try to reward active guys as a general rule though.
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