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Thread: have Eddie Bravo's techniques caught on in mma?

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    Default have Eddie Bravo's techniques caught on in mma?

    What are your thoughts?

    You see people using his stuff but has it made real inroads?
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    The only things you see people using are the stuff people already used before him. He has popularized Nino Schembri style high guard, but it's gone too far and made too many beginners obsessed with it to the point they ignore fundamental techniques in favour of stuff which needs ridiculous flexibility and will never happen on experienced grapplers. -

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    hardly ever see it work.

    But my opinion might be clouded becaue I think Bravo is the very definition of a douchebag. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RKing85 View Post
    hardly ever see it work.

    But my opinion might be clouded becaue I think Bravo is the very definition of a douchebag.
    I totally agree with this

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    It doesnt work

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    He's a salesman with lots of cool looking "seminar techniques".

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    with the added advantage of having joe rogan as his mouth piece to tongue his balls to millions of viewers.
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    Doesn't work in general as a system, couple of good things come from him though.

    Has it revolutionised MMA like he sais it would? No! It didn't even change the grappling game never mind MMA.

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    Some numptys just believe everything Joe the Juice Rogan says...

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    I love Eddie Bravo and cant wait for him to smash Royler again haw haw!!!
    Seriously tho ive never give much notice to "his system"- not because of hatred or strong opposition to it,just cos' my time on the mat is taken up by drilling stuff that is known and proven to work- I'm not saying that it doesnt work in theory,or that it wont work for some-but there's reason why mendes bros' and co do what they do.
    But I do love Rogan's podcast,in fact most of their stuff-Joey Diaz,Duncan Trussell etc- funny and has some proper interesting guests on a lot of the time. I know this cos Rogan tells me so.

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