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Thread: have Eddie Bravo's techniques caught on in mma?

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    erm...boooooo stand em up?

    Sorry had to bring some balance to this discussion.

    I dunno, if what he teaches can be adapted then its worthwhile, some people have done so, most don't, those that do - do they then have an advantage of sorts in so much as others may not see it coming? Kinda like Machida busting out his shit early doors - everyone was stumped by it, but now, not so much. Anything unorthodox can work in small doses is what I am trying to say I guess... Its just how much time you put in for that small addition to your arsenal, thats where the time spent has to be judged to be worth it or not.
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    Amen sir- you go in with straight taekwondo and get smashed,but add some of the tech' to your solid BJJ,Wrestling,thai,Boxing- like a wheel kick a la anyone whos Brazilian atm and it compliments the solid effective styles.
    I also heard Eddie bravo make a valid point about what he was calling the third option- by getting so good offensivly off your back that if a guy is too good standing and you cant take him down, you have the option to pull guard. But he also said how hard it is for fighters to get to a level where this is as valid as standing or takedown when training in so many disciplines

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    Quote Originally Posted by RKing85 View Post
    hardly ever see it work.

    But my opinion might be clouded becaue I think Bravo is the very definition of a douchebag.
    Says the man that has obviously never been caught in 'Space-cadet-reefer-control'

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    I think its healthy to have 10th planet on the ju jitsu market stops it becoming a monopoly.
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    But 10th Planet is no different to any other BJJ class, so how does that stop a monopoly? -

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    any smart grappler can figure out "the system" and break it down. i.e

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    Too many silly names , too much time invested n basically ruining your knees. Basically fuck off bravo techniques n study the godfather Garcia

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