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Thread: Dr John Morgan: MMA vs. BMA

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    Default Dr John Morgan: MMA vs. BMA

    Resident fight doctor John Morgan tackles the combat sports debate, and how he reconciles his position for MMA with the BMA's stance.

    When it comes to the role of recreation providers, MMA gyms, the coaches and athletes are ideally placed to offer minimal cost programmes throughout a primarily urban area where a disproportionately large number of residents match the demographic characteristics for individuals at greatest risk of obesity.

    Furthermore, activities provided beyond the traditional attract new participants. Activities, which allow expenditure of energy constantly over a set period of time, provide participants with optimal aerobic conditioning benefits. The ancillary benefits which can be provided such as increasing self-confidence and self-discipline and honing leadership qualities can all be met within MMA gyms.
    Check out the whole thing here:

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    nice little article!

    FYI: typo about the gloves, it says pounds instead of ounces!

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    Thanks for the heads up mate, that would be a sight haha. 4lb MMA gloves!

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    would be slow as hell but hurt like fuk if one landed!

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