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Thread: Dislocating your shoulder throwing a punch

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    Mine dislocated for the second time throwing a ball for my dog. Now had surgery on it so hoping to have fewer problems in future.

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    I did mine when I fell down a hole and my shoulder hit a car. I also fractured my humerus (sp) in 2 places. I put it back in myself but because it was immobilized for so long with the fractures it is still not 100% and is calcified. I am sure to need surgery at some point.
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    The exact injury happened when I was training about 5 years ago, guy threw a right, I threw a long left hook, his shoulder dislocated.
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    I don't think it was just Zombie punching that did... the way Aldo was throwing his punch and the position they got into basically ended up doing a standing inverted armbar (check the slow-mo replay).

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    Ross pearson had this problem on Tuf, don't know if it still happens to him, or if he has had some form of surgurey to prevent it

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    Once it's dislocated it's more susceptible to future dislocation because the muscles and tendons are stretched and damaged. There are exercises you can do to try and strengthen the area but the way the glenoid cavity is structured, the muscles and tendons are effectively holding the shoulder in place. Damage them and its a long road back. You can get it pinned I believe but your looking at six months off at least.

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    Frank Shamrock tore his rotator cuff throwing a punch whilst sparring so anything can happen while wearing braces.
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