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Thread: Paul Daley is back with BAMMA

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    To be honest, I think it's a good move business-wise from Daley's perspective, and great for BAMMA. Yeah, sure we'd all like to see him headlining plenty of CWFC cards year round, but a non-exclusive deal with BAMMA gives him good money to take 2-3 fights a year, as well as the freedom to take the big offers elsewhere which he'll no doubt get, being as internationally recognised as he is. In twelve months, anything can happen. BAMMA need stars right now, with many having already jumped ship, so they get that, and Daley has bargaining power.

    Props to Graham for standing his ground even when such a big star in MMA is making the demands. Shows he cares about his roster.

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    I guess Daley just didn't want it to feel like he was moving back down to domestic level with the no British fighters thing maybe.

    It's a shame though as Cagewarriors deserve him more so than BAMMA in my opinion and the fact Cagewariors didn't give in to his demands just shows this further.

    Well done Cagewarriors for standing by your loyalties, by far the most professionally run big show on these shores

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    We should applaud Graham for his stance here ME

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