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Dude are you been fucking serious? Not posting a list but if you cant think of at least 10 then your blind. Plus a lot have jobs so your point is void. Really didnt wanna come at you like this as you seem a cracking guy but comon man you only need to look at some. Im no expert but I know this much Peds are rife in uk mma and anyone who tries to deny that needs to wake up.

And this is aimed at everyone so long as you pussy foot around PEDS whether its because your mates take them you take them or your training partner takes them your not doing the sport any favours either get tough on it or stay where you are in terms mainstream popularity.
Dude, your asking me if i'm "fucking serious" at 5:20am in the morning. Have you pissed the bed or something? and now got the hump?!

What sort of fighters are you talking about here? what level? UFC level, domestic?

There is no doubt that in the UFC or highest tier there is a problem, i'm not debating that. My argument is that the domestic guys simply do not have the money to afford this (on the whole). Yes, there will be a few that will but were talking such a small %age compared to how many actually compete.

My point is not void about them having jobs! as I said that there is a chance that if they did have a job then it is possible.

When you say this:
Im no expert but I know this much Peds are rife in uk mma

How do you know? Do you really know that much to know who around the country is taking PED's?. Maybe rife in your gym, town etc but that's not the overall picture.

You make out that it's an "epidemic". Message me names of people that you think are or PED's then?