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Thread: Billy Robinson 2013 UK Catch Wrestling Seminar - Leicester

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    Default Billy Robinson 2013 UK Catch Wrestling Seminar - Leicester

    Billy Robinson 2013 UK Catch Wrestling Seminar


    Everyone welcome!

    We've been given the chance to have one of our favourite coaches, the legendary Billy Robinson, return to the academy for a seminar on Monday 9th September.

    A living encyclopaedia of Catch Wrestling, this seminar is a must for anyone interested in grappling arts or English martial arts history.

    **As this seminar has been arranged at short notice to secure Billy at our academy we are doing it the discounted price of just 25. However, this also means spaces are limited and once they are gone we will closing the session**

    Date: Monday 9th September, 2013
    Time: 6pm to 9pm
    Location: Leicester Mixed Martial Arts Academy
    Price: 25 (book online or pay at academy)

    Coach Robinson is one of very few men left in the world who trained under Billy Riley at the world's most legendary Catch Wrestling club, "The Snake Pit" in Wigan England.

    BJJ Black Belt and UFC veteran Roli Delgado on Billy: "The man understands the body like no one else."

    In 1957 he was the British National Wrestling Champion and 1958 the European Open Wrestling Champion (defeating an Olympic bronze medallist in the final). He went on to wrestle all over the world for many years in challenge matches and pro wrestling organisations. His 1975 professional wrestling bout against Antonio Inoki was billed as "The Match Between the World's Top Two Technicians" by the Japanese press.

    Having taught wrestling extensively in Japan he is also the main coach still teaching who bridges the gap between Lancashire Catch as Catch Can (England's very own Submission Grappling style) and the Japanese Shoot Wrestling movement (a Submission Grappling and "hard style" of Pro Wrestling that led to modern Japanese MMA promotions such as Pancrase, RINGS, Shooto and PrideFC). His students in Japan included Kazushi Sakuraba and Josh Barnett.

    In 2003 Billy Robinson was inducted into the International Wrestling Hall of Fame.

    Mr Robinson's knowledge is in high demand and has been sought out by grapplers the world over, including last year teaching a seminar at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas for Randy Couture and his grappling coach Neil Melanson, an enthusiast of Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling.

    Josh Barnett on training with Billy: "I didn't know what to expect but he had a very high reputation from many people so I felt very strongly about wanting to learn from him. First thing was first and beside an introduction I got to know Billy by getting on the mat and wrestling! He taught many finer points to the double and top wrist lock that night, showed me what I call "the Billy Neck Crank" and coached me and Miyato-san as we wrestled."

    Wiki: Billy Robinson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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    is he going around the country to do seminar's?
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    I think he's doing two and a course.


    PS Less than 10 places left
    Head Coach at Leicester Shootfighters
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    i'm gonna do the course and make loads of money out of suckers that want to learn catch
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