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Thread: Thailand in 4 weeks

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    Default Thailand in 4 weeks

    I'm going away soon and if anyone can help me out it'll be much appreciated. Ill be in the Karon area and since this is my first time out there some time saving pointers would be appreciated.
    I'll be training out there so decent place for a massage- deep tissue/thai. Also,good place to get the "other" massage wouldnt go amiss neither. Off a female. With no cock.
    Cheap place for equipment
    Decent chemist
    Place I can shoot some guns
    Sak Yant Tattoos
    And just general stuff you've enjoyed over there tha might be worth a mention.

    If there is any old threads or links to sites to help me out, again much appreciated!

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    "women" in Thailand with no cocks is a rarer sight that unicorns. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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