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Thread: MMA The past and the future?

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    The huge problem the sport in this country faces is that your average punter won't just randomly see the UFC on the tv in a bar or pub on a fri/sat night. This is how I think a large majority of casual fans in the US are introduced to it.

    They have no real investment they just see fights over time and then maybe start getting into it. Getting together with mates to watch it live and have a drink is going to be a huge section of the market that we miss out on in the UK.

    There are so many barriers to entry to watc the sport it's unreal. For instance getting to watch the sport legally via freeview I had to buy espn. I can't tell you the amount of times I recorded it and got up on sunday and it had cut off the main event. I even emailed them and they fobbed me off with some terrible excuse.

    Any way I could ramble on.

    What I think we need is to get the domestic shows to a level that your average group of lads could see an event on the tv on a fri/sat night in the pub. One or two ufc events a year in the UK that cost as much a top tier premiership game aren't going to cut it.

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    I have found that its difficult to get pubs to put on a UFC show on their TV but when they do they do it again and again because of the interest it gets from their regulars.

    Exposure to new fans is a must for the sport to grow.

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