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Thread: Best UK FIghter/Team Highlight vids?

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    Default Best UK FIghter/Team Highlight vids?

    Anyone know of some good ones? I'm interested and have time to kill so please post if you have seen any good UK MMA fighter/gym/whatever highlight vids. Cheers!

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    heres one i made for Graham Turner, not the best quality as was my first attempt at a highlight but you get the jist of it

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    Before I knew how to use Vegas properly I made this one.
    Was fun to put together.
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    There was a great Rough House compilation knocking about on Youtube a while back. Cant provide link due to work PC being shite but should be easy to find if it's still there.

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    Liam Bad Intentions James, pro mma uk featherweight!!

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    Heres mine, if anyone wants one doing get in touch, the guy who put this together is an amateur film maker and also does documentaries on fighters / teams. he is a MMA fan and trains himself, always good to have someone from the trade!
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    Was tempted to put Unleash the Allen up as whoever made that did a good job and it shows the side of mma many dont see the journey men etc. But in the end had to go with this one.
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    I always loved this one by Genghis Con

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    Anas Siraj Mounir

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