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Thread: Looking for fighters for new fight show.

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    Default Looking for fighters for new fight show.

    Hi guys I'm looking for fighters for a new fight show in Brighton on October the 12th.

    I'm looking to match the following fighters.

    Pro mma
    Lennie Scudder 77kgs 1.1.0
    David Shotie Stone 70kgs 2.5.0

    Semi pro

    Rachel Mcmillan 57-60kgs 4.0
    Dan Collins 77kgs 1.0
    Loic Williams 77kgs 1.1.0
    Jake Mcarthey 77kgs 0.1
    George Sharman70kgs 5.2.0
    Paul Farrugia 70kgs 4.0
    Ashraf Miah 65kgs 1.0
    Navin Jugdasin 65kgs 1.0
    Alex Lahore 84kgs 4.1.0


    Glen Mclennan 90kgs 3.2.2


    Oli Thompson 112kgs debut
    Sunny Hall 85kgs debut
    Pete Nemith 90kgd 0.3
    Sam Razvi 60kgs 3.0
    Drew edwards 1.1.0
    Dan Pothecary 66kgs 2.1

    For more info please inbox me or email me at

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    Pro mma
    Lennie Scudder 77kgs 1.1.0 Would travel and hotel be paid not in a position to demand a purse. Also ticket sales would you do a 50/50 if no purse. If interested pm 2 0 in mma 1 semi 1 nsac semi sub 2nd round nsac judges. would weigh in under by about 2 kg under. Travel would be for 3 me inc 2 corner men. Can get a more respected person to E mail you if better. Also how old is he please many thanks in advance.
    Retired 2k and out.

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    Send the guy a email mate
    the bullshit stops when the cage door locks!!! @prosystemsmma @Ryanwhitemma

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