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Thread: UCMMA out of Safe MMA

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    Default UCMMA out of Safe MMA

    UCMMA have moved away from Safe MMA, citing a proposed one year ban to Misiek as the reason.

    Here is the full info:


    I have today heard that Safe MMA wish to ban Mysiala for one year because of this situation and I know he has a family with mouths to feed I do not agree with this so for this reason myself and UCMMA will NOT be supporting SAFE MMA and have removed ourself from the panel.
    Safe MMA on UCMMA 35:
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    hmm strange one, DOD saying he is in it for the best interests of the fighters however doesnt go along with Safe MMA, seems like a case of missing the bigger picture. However a years ban is very very harsh

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    Interesting. Fair play to Dave for sticking by his fighters.
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    how long would you get banned for for juicing yourself up to the maximum in America?

    about a year?

    out of date meds and they want to ban him for a year. that is double-harsh. Safe MMA has got to be a good thing, but it seems uncontroversial to suggest they need to recalibrate their punishments.

    anyway, regulators have other options than purely punitive ones. providing extra training, advice and guidance. maybe this, with a short ban would be more appropriate. but you start banning people for a year and suddenly the extra cash and inconvenience seems less appealing.
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    A year is harsh but i'd like to hear safeMMAs side of the story before i comment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMAlien View Post
    A year is harsh but i'd like to hear safeMMAs side of the story before i comment.
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    Article updated with Safe MMA's side of things. Looks more like a response to the suspension, but we may never know which came first:

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    From the SafeMMA press release.

    Safe MMA voted that UCMMA should be temporarily suspended after holding 3 bouts that had not been medically cleared on UCMMA 35 on 3rd August.

    Fighters Przmyslaw Mysiala and Tom Richards flouted their medical obligations to UCMMA as a Safe MMA promotion, yet UCMMA took the decision to allow the fights to go ahead. Neither fighter was a replacement and both Przmyslaw Mysiala and Tom Richards were listed on the original UCMMA 35 Fight Card submitted to Safe MMA on 18/06/13. Despite promoter Dave O'Donnell paying for Tom Richard's registration on 9/7/13, Richards failed to provide sufficient blood results and undergo a doctor medical. Mysiala requested 'foreign fighter' status, which requires the submission of bloods only, but supplied blood results that were out-of-date according to Safe MMA stipulations on 2/08/13. Both fighters are banned from Safe MMA shows for a year, which sets a precedent for fighters failing to compete their professional medical obligations for Safe MMA shows.

    Following communications on 2/08/13, in which UCMMA was informed that Mysiala and Richards were not safe to fight, Dave O'Donnell contacted Safe MMA to say but because of logistics and cost, nothing further could now be done. Instructions were given to UCMMA regarding how to safe guard the rest of the card on the night.

    A third fight that had not been medically approved was also added to the card on the Saturday night between Safe MMA fighter, Jason Radcliffe and another fighter, Marvin Campbell, who Safe MMA had not been notified of and holds no medical records for.

    Detailed information was provided by the record keeper at 76 Harley Street and circumstances surrounding the incident have been discussed in detail by the Safe MMA board. The incident was weighed up against the administrative processes in place, a changeover of systems and staff at 76 Harley Street, the level of support that UCMMA had received and the strong commitment UCMMA has made to Safe MMA over its first 6 months. Based on clauses in the Safe MMA Agreement and in the promotions contract outlined below, an anonymous vote was cast over whether UCMMA should receive a warning or a suspension.

    The vote was put to the following available people/groups on the board: Dr. Mike Loosemore, Rosi Sexton, Marc Goddard, John Gooden, Dr. Maeve Rogers, Dr. Paul Drake, Quest Fighting (1 vote), Cage Warriors (1 vote), BAMMA (1 vote). The decision to suspend UCMMA was reached by majority decision.
    Promoter, Dave O’Donnell of UCMMA apologised in a phone call and admitted culpability. He also stressed that he would like to continue to work with Safe MMA moving forwards.

    76 Harley Street have outlined the terms of the suspension lasting 6 months, which bans UCMMA from marketing itself as a Safe MMA show and from the PR and liability protection support offered by Safe MMA. UCMMA will also lose its vote in in the forming of new agreements and at the AGM. However, UCMMA and its fighters can continue to use the medical and databasing service provided by 76 Harley Street. If UCMMA continues to register its fighters and uphold Safe MMA guidelines under supervision, it may be reduce its ban to 4 months. Safe MMA will work to troubleshoot the issues that lead to the incident and provide support and guidance to aid UCMMA to find resolutions.

    The fighters may also reduce their ban from 1 year to 6-8 months if they have bloods once every six months during the ban, either through 76 Harley Street or they must supply their blood results to Safe MMA. Blood test results are required for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.
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    So the list is back down to 4?

    Cagewarriors, BAMMA, Euro Fight Night and OMMAC?

    Don't see many more jumping on board but 3/4 of those are the better shows to be on.

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    My only post on this thread is this.

    Banning him for a year is way over the top understood your looking to show strength and make a example but id say 3 months would be long enough for a first offence. But you are all in the driving seat so its your choice. But what you have done now is put yourself in a bad position as if you back down and cut the ban in half it makes you look weak so best of luck with the action your taking regarding this.
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