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Thread: UCMMA out of Safe MMA

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    Wow 1 for outdated bloods. Mental. No wonder ucmma said stick it.
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    I know that Misiek's manager is trying to get the ban overturned because in section 19 of the safe mma rules online it says that if a british fighter fights in america, then their medicals from over there cover 1 fight on a safe mma show, it doesn't mention anything about the date of the medical etc subsequently if said fighter wanted to fight again, on consecutive safe mma shows, then he would have to sign up to safe mma.

    If it was me, I would assume that the bloods would have to be within the 6 month period as stated by safe mma, however I can see how there could be some confusion.

    12 months is a bit harsh imo, although as stated on twitter to me by Brad, it's only kind of a 1 fight ban, sounds worse than it actually is.

    I believe that Misiek would have had his blood in-date if he/his manager knew that's how it worked with fighters who fight in america.
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    Sorry to have to ask but who is the chairman and decision makers in safe mma? Is it respected vets or refs or who? As said sorry for asking just always wondered whose in charge.
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    It tells you who voted on the Safe MMA article
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    Quote Originally Posted by jim2007 View Post
    It tells you who voted on the Safe MMA article
    Thank you.
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    If Obama dropped a speech on the situation he could use his line

    "democratic transitions are measured not in months or even years but sometimes in generations."

    I am confident with the shows still in safe mma and the people behind it that it will succeed. There will be teething problems and mistakes from fighters,promotions and safe mma themselves along the way I'm sure. Fact is though we need safe mma in this sport in order for it to progress imo, so it must work. I have respect for Dave but I always saw ucmma as a strange fit for safe mma mainly due to uk1 bouts etc. Ommac and Euro fight have come on board so on the bright side we have 1 more promotion in safe mma than we did a few days ago

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    Props to Safe MMA for taking a stand and binning them. I don't really like UCMMA as an event but they are still one of the bigger MMA orgs. I'm sure Safe MMA were put in a tough spot with a few awkward conversations but they have made a good stand.
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    I think a year might be a bit harsh for the fighter to be fair however I also understand that SafeMMA need to take a stand and UCMMA did kinda take the piss to be fair and SafeMMA need to be taken seriously and this has made people sit up and are talking about it which in itself is a good thing, it certainly didn't help their cause when a major player in UK MMA flaunted the regulations to be fair, the main orgs need to get behind SafeMMA and if UK MMA is ever going to grow, it does need to be taken seriously and have some form of body in place to regulate it even if its done from within and not Government approved, at least people are trying. I still have high hopes for SafeMMA, its got some solid names attached to it who give it the legitimacy it needs and I trust their judgement in all honesty, rather they try and get something going than some randoms off the street trying to make a quick buck.
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    dod allowed 3 fights to happen all 6 fighters not safe mma registered? if so imo safe mma made the right decision
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