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Thread: Light hearted bit of fun

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    mikey tiger

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    Defo Manuwa over Daley
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    Quote Originally Posted by jim2007 View Post
    Defo Manuwa over Daley
    Would he handle a fit Freeman though thats the question I ask freeman and not potter as lets face it Freeman is one tough dude reason I say Freeman and not Potter is If he got Manuwa down and in a dominant position could you see him getting up or even recovering bear in mind this would be no ref no no time limits no rules apart from a gentleman agreement no biting etc.
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    this is easy mark potter
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    this thread fails to clarify some important information:

    1) is the room locked; i.e. is there possibility for fighters to exit during the melee to return with performance enhancing material?
    2) is the room empty? or will tables and chairs be provided?
    3) will the fighters be given their choice of 1 hand to hand weapon upon entry to the room?
    4) will jay darrell be involved?
    5) would this event be covered by safemma?
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    Was also thinking Freeman but decided Manuwa would win due to youth.

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    I would sooner go toe to toe with Joe Louis or Max Schmeling than be locked in a room with an aggressive Manuwa.
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    if you locked them all in a room i highly doubt it would be a bigger guy left standing

    i'd go with a beast like connor mcgregor

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    What's the dress code for the room, will there be any pregnant girlfriends in there too ?

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