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Thread: Light hearted bit of fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by londonpride View Post
    4) will jay darrell be involved?
    nice!! non-stop spinning kicks until everyone on the floor
    'Go read a fucking book, you piece of shit.'

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    Quote Originally Posted by londonpride View Post
    this thread fails to clarify some important information:

    1) is the room locked; i.e. is there possibility for fighters to exit during the melee to return with performance enhancing material?
    2) is the room empty? or will tables and chairs be provided?
    3) will the fighters be given their choice of 1 hand to hand weapon upon entry to the room?
    4) will jay darrell be involved?
    5) would this event be covered by safemma?
    Will answer best I can

    1 Would be a pretty big warehouse no weapons
    2 Tables ladders and chairs of course. :P
    3 Again no weapons gloves may be wore so long as checked.
    4 Yes he will be there. You will probably find him shadow boxing in a quiet corner away from the chaos.
    5 Sadly no I cant see them allowing this so will be left in the safe hands of Craig Allen And Percy.
    Retired 2k and out.

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