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    Great Carl Thompson interview : -

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    oh fun, he fought Branco Cickatic, the man who refused to engage Mark Kerr in Pride 2/3 (?)

    He was sharp as a fish and had a solid jab
    never heard that one before!

    The ensuing period was very unfruitful in terms of wins.
    'almost fruitless' or change the sentence entirely?

    he beat porkoid Piper, didn't know that.

    “I took that fight because my next door neighbor was annoying me and I wanted to move house.
    oh that is good.

    shit, i remember the Sellers fight, twas quite a war.

    cheers man, that was quality.
    'Go read a fucking book, you piece of shit.'

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    I really liked the interview as Carl Thompson gave what I believe a very good honest interview - didn't make excuses really in this interview - explained somethings etc. etc.

    Carl Thompson MASSIVE heart, just remembered the Rothman fight, getting nailed and about to lose and pulls it out of the bag, almost as good as Julian Jackson vs Herol Graham.

    Some other random things spring to mind whilst thinking about boxing/kickboxing/mma

    Matt skelton lost to Tom Erikson in pride.. and Pele Reid beat Vitali Klitchsko in kickboxing before Klit became a boxer rules and styles make fights !

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