We are holding a white collar boxing event on 23rd November 2013. We are raising funds for our towns voluntary all weather lifeboat. The government withdrew the all weather lifeboat a few years ago which left a long stretch of coast without the cover or safety of an all weather lifeboat.
A local businessman bought and donated a new all weather lifeboat and is recruiting and training a crew to man the lifeboat. They receive absolutely NO funding from the government, local councils, RNLI or anywhere else. The only funds they receive are by donations from the general public or by events such as the one we are organising.
With this in mind we are looking for people who want to take part in a white collar boxing event. We have a few total novice guys from the local town that have started training for the event, but we are looking for more participants. So if anyone wants to help us out then please PM me on here.
Many thanks in advance.