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Thread: Does anybody know any results from last nights Made4TheCage?

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    Default Does anybody know any results from last nights Made4TheCage?

    As the title says...
    Thanks in advance 66kg Am: 7-3, Pro: 1-2.

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    From what I remember these won Chris spense Anas Siraj Mounir Martin Thompson Peter Irving Walter Gahadza not Sure about Phil Flynn.
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    Pro Results

    walter gahadza bt alan johnston by unanimous decision

    paul cook bt phil flynn by guillotine in round 2

    niko gjoka bt carl fawcett by TKO (retirement at end of round 2) was a suspected broken wrist but turned out he broke his arm blocking a head kick in round 1.

    pete irving bt thomas denham by tko in round 3

    martin thompson bt rab truesdale by guillotine in rnd 1

    josh collins bt alex otool by rear naked choke in round 1

    anas siraj mounir bt michael oliver by ko (cartwheel kick) in round 1

    Dez parker bt Nathan Wilson by armbar in round 1

    Amateur results

    Grant Gaunt bt Michael Corby by unanimous decision

    Chris Spence by Robert Carlin by unanimous decision

    Josh Burlinson bt Cameron Eden by guillotine in round 3

    Tony Chambers bt Kris Rutherford by TKO in round 1

    Ryan Eskine bt Jack Demarco by triangle/armbar in round 2
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    Did the Thompson vs Truesdale fight have that 'beef' feel to it? Or has all that jazz been squashed?
    Did Irving fight MMA or K1?
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    Irving fought MMA and was 20kg lighter than his opponent. Fair play to the guy for stepping with a few days notice, and even though not the result Denham wanted it made sure he got a fight after all his hard work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyPerry View Post
    Did the Thompson vs Truesdale fight have that 'beef' feel to it?
    Yeah. Truesdale offered to touch gloves but Thompson was having none of it.

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    Seen The stream of the event good show Rab seemed to want to touch gloves etc but Thompson just ignored him and seemed frost even after the fight was over. Shows with heavyweights looking for quality bouts should be using Martin he's as good as anyone domestically

    Pete Irving was unbelievable in beating Denham

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