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    Here is how the racist tag started Unite against fascism is sponsored by the labour party. They got scared of ukip so tagged them as racist the torys was in on it too. Dirty politics.

    Oh and one more thing where you said in 5 years uv never seen politics discussed what do you call these? see you will say anything just to have a sly dig wont you. Huge difference between UKIP and them lunatics. Nobody gave him shit for posting that topic. If ya hate me so much ban me coz all these sly digs are doing my head right in and its childish. Sure i posted some daft stuff but never fucking chased someone on each thread he makes just to let him know what I thought of him. Iv never personally gave you any shit at all on here so yea just ban me and ill stay on Sherdog where at least they can take a joke and not freak out so much.
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