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Thread: Half share of MMA gym for sale in London - Anyone know what gym?

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    Default Half share of MMA gym for sale in London - Anyone know what gym?

    160 members since March. What gym is this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hysteresis View Post
    160 members since March. What gym is this?

    It's MMA Active in Eltham.

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    The valuation of your business is ridiculous

    I'm out!

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    For 35,000 you better hope it is kitted out to the max, iron clad 12 month contracts for at least those 160 members and a roster full of fighters that are all signed to the gyms management.

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    I'm out, you would need UFC fighters signed to the gyms management to see any return.

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    It's not really about the fighter management side as that's a seperate entity and still requires work.

    All depends what the overheads are and how much these members are paying. The could just pay a sign up fee type membership of 5 then for each class or they could pay 50 a month for all classes by direct debit for 12 months. Two very different membership styles.

    If the gym was really doing well and a goldmine then the person running it would want it all to themselves and not share the massive profits on offer, in that regard it probably breaks even or a little more.

    On that basis, I would like to make an offer of 0% of the value you are asking for, for 100% of the business ;-)
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    I'd give him 5,000... But I want everyting within the compounds of the grounds at the time I hand over the money, if that includes people, then so be it.

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    Retired 2k and out.

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    35k for the fastest frowning gym in SE London sounds a right bargain.
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