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Thread: Sonnen vs Evans UFC 167.

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    Default Sonnen vs Evans UFC 167.

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    Im not exited about it. Well I wouldn't cancel plans to watch it put it that way but cheers for the heads up.
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    Evans should win this, probably by stoppage but not overly excited to see this fight.
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    As soon as I see the name Rashad Evans on a fight card I lose interest. There was time when he was a fairly good fighter to watch. Now all he does is feint and play patty cake for three rounds.

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    He won't be able to play patty cake with sonnen. If anything (I hope) sonnen takes him down and plays patty cake with Evans head
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    Can honestly say this fight has never crossed my mind before as a potential fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RKing85 View Post
    Can honestly say this fight has never crossed my mind before as a potential fight.
    that is cos when one thinks 'Chael Sonnen', it is usually related to exciting fights. not too much disrespect to Rashad, i think he is good, but just never expect his fights to be interesting.
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    Chael by walking through palms and faints before double legging his way to victory followed by a cool promo.

    As for Rashad is it just me or since Machida soarked him has he got more and more boring?
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