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Thread: Immortal, results and report.

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    Default Immortal, results and report.

    By Stuart Allan MC

    My second event in as many days saw me make the journey up to Aberdeen for Immortals Fight Promotions Debut show. As I have said in the past, it can be a bit nerve racking when you work for a new promoter on their very first show and this was the case this time round.

    I need not have worried, I arrived at the venue early and was met by promoter Gary Paterson, a tour of the venue left me looking forward to the evenings entertainment, the Beach Ballroom even at nearly 100years old could have been custom built for MMA, the main room is octagonal and has a capacity of 1500, with it being set out for only 800 it meant that every seat had loads of space around it and this made for a very comfortable relaxed feeling.

    My duties started with a chat with the Martial Arts Illustrated hall of fame and veteran UFC referee Neil Hall, one thing you find with Neil is he is straight talking and very very passionate about his job, I have had the pleasure of knowing him since working on my first ever MMA show back in 2006 and not only class him as one of the top MMA referees in the world but also a friend, its because of this I would trust no one more than Neil and his team at MMA Officials with the safety of fighters, they stamp their authority on a fight like no other team of officials I work with and I work with some top class officials.

    This was another show that was left decimated by injuries and call offs and had to deal with a lack of enthusiasm from some of the more established gyms to provide fighters for the show, I can understand their hesitation to get involved in a new promotion is based on past experience, with new shows failing more often than not before they even get out the starting blocks, most of the longer established gyms have been in the position of preparing fighters only for the hard work to be for nothing when a show fails.

    From what I saw on Saturday, IFP is here to stay, the multi nation card was, for a new show, pretty bloody awesome. With names like Cullen and Lobov gracing the Pro main section, it had match ups that any show in the UK would have proud to have.

    Bout 1. 3x3
    Leon Mitchell (Moray MT, Elgin) vs Aiden Stephen (Fusion MMA, Inverness)
    Exhibition 3x3

    Like the boxing show on Friday you would have been forgiven for thinking I had made a mistake introducing this as an exhibition. The vastly more experienced Stephen showed his skills while letting Mitchell throw some good shots, you could have sat at cage side with an MMA book of technique and ticked of most of them by the time this ended.

    A very entertaining first bout. Being an exhibition it ended in an unofficial draw.

    Bout 2. 3x3
    Daniel Sawinski (Babos MMA, Glasgow) vs
    Euan "Ginge" McLeod (Fusion MMA, Inverness)
    Featherweight (AMA) 3x3

    The first of our amateur contests got the crowd warmed up with both Debut fighters setting a blistering pace, big shots were thrown and landed by both men but it was McLeod that shook his opponent on 2 occasions putting Sawinski on the back foot.

    The second round saw Sawinski slowing the pace and staying out of the range of McLeod 2 successful take downs and better wrestling skills levelled the match going into the 3rd.

    This was Mcleod's turn to show his ground game, taking Sawinski to the matt both men looked strong and calm but it was Mcleod that show better skills and strength to claim the victory.
    Unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 30-27. Winner Euan McLeod.

    Bout 3.
    Dariusz Pawlak (Team Pawlak, Glasgow) vs
    Kevin McAloon (Fusion MMA, Elgin)
    Lightweight (AMA) 3x3.
    Again both fighters came out fast, The fight went to the ground pretty much straight away with McAloon taking Pawlak down, escaping Pawlak's guillotine attempt McAloon quickly secured the arm bar.
    1:37 rnd 1. Tap due to arm bar, winner McAloon.

    Bout 4.
    Dawid Kostecki (Immortals Gold Team, Aberdeen) vs
    Matthew Greig (Granite City Grappling, Aberdeen)
    Lightweight (AMA) 3x3

    A dominant and calm performance from Greig, taking the fight to the mat and keeping it there, manoeuvring for position and setting up the finish with punches to eventually get the choke.
    2:38 rnd 1. Tap due to rear naked choke. Winner Greig.

    Bout 5.
    Artem "The Prospect Killer" Lobov (SBG Dublin) vs
    Kamil "Undertaker" Gniadek (Linke Gold Team, Poland)
    Lightweight. 3x5
    The first of our Pro fights saw Gniadek start strong, he looked determined to finish the fight in the first and came close after taking the back of Lobov, Lobov had other ideas and did well to control the hands of his opponent.

    Gniadek showed signs of fatigue coming out for the second and Lobov settled into his striking game, showing great skills to stay out of range of Gniadek who was to slow to close the distance. He did catch Lobov once to score the take down only for Lobov to scramble back to his feet and dominate standing in Gniadek's guard.

    The third was all Lobov again, punishing Gniadek for a tired takedown attempt by raining down blows. Gniadek did well to see out the round and take the fight to the judges.

    Unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 29-28. Winner Lobov.

    Bout 6.
    Iren Racz (Harcosok Cub, Hungary) vs
    Agnieszka "Kuma" Niedzwiedz (Natal Gold Team, Poland)
    Bantamweight. 3x5

    The only female fight on the card saw the classic striker versus grappler contest. A fast and furious start from both women saw the boxing skills of Racz prove too much for Niedzwiedz, Niedzwiedz took the fight to the ground early in the first and that's where it stayed, trying a few different submissions attempts before sinking in the arm bar, Racz defended this as best she could and it seemed to take an age before Niedzwiedz got the full leverage to stretch the arm of Racz, even then there was no tap, Racz's corner were screaming at her to tap, half the crowd looked away as they expected the arm to break and eventually the tap came. Words fail to describe the pain on Racz's face as the submission was cranked on and shear determination that made her try to defend it for so long. That is one hardy lady.

    3:54 rnd1. Tap due to arm bar. Winner Agnieszka Niedzwiedz.

    Bout 7.
    "The Bulldog" Alexander Proder (GBG MMA, Gothenburg) vs
    Maciej "De Zoo" Linke (Linke Gold Team, Poland)
    Welterweight Pro 3x5

    The BJJ of Linke proved too much for Proder, with the fight going to the ground early in the first Linke dominated, working for position he settled on taking the back of Proder, Proder with no where to go and no escape submits to the delight of Linke's support.
    2:56 rnd 1. Tap due to rear naked choke. Winner Maciej "De Zoo" Linke.

    Bout 8.
    John "Flying Scotsman" Cullen. (D-Unit / DNFT, Dumbarton) vs
    Mariusz "Mario" Abramiuk. (Linke Gold Team, Poland)
    Featherweight Pro. 3x5

    Another striker versus grappler contest looked to be very one sided, Cullen started strong and dominated the stand up, Abramuik had no answer and was rocked by the super accuracy of Cullens head kicks. Realising he could not stand with Cullen Abramuik took some heavy shots to close the range and took Cullen to the floor, Cullen's escape was thwarted by the cage and this allowed BBJ brown belt Abramuik to take the back of Cullen sinking in a deep choke. Abramuik and the crowd waited for the tap that never came, Cullen instead preferring to be put to sleep and like the true warrior went out on his shield. The referee Neil Hall steps in and raises Cullens limp arm before stopping the contest.

    3:02 rnd 1. Technical Submission. Winner Abramuik.

    Great show.
    I'm already looking forward to the next one.
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    Another prospect kill on Lobov's resume. Good streak going for him now. Lobov vs. Cullen would be a crazy cool fight.

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    Lobov is on a good run just now, I think JC takes the win but yeah, would be a very entertaining fight from a fans point of view, especially as it more likely than not be a stand up war.

    FFC4 in November anyone?

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    What is Cullen's record now?

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    JC is 17-9-2 now.

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    Thanks stu.

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