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Thread: Overeem vs Mir UFC 167!!

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    This is just a few off top of my head....


    Basically anyone who hasn't got a good wrestling background with noticeably better striking than Mir.

    JDS, Cormier, Barnett and then Overeem are pretty much as bad a run of fighters for Mir as you could possibly get with the exception of Cain.

    Thing is, Mir is a clever guy.. He's going to know this is an awful match up for him... Wouldn't be surprised if he pulls out with an injury and decides to retire.
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    I get what you're saying and I agree that Frank is a smart guy but in his last 3 fights on the table alone he's earnt $775,000 not to mention sponsors any undisclosed bonuses. Add the Barnett fight to that and its probably pushing $1.5 million.

    The guy is probably worth $200-250,000 against Overeem and its his retirement fund.

    I think he'll fight. If he gets cut, he'll retire. I think he'll stick around.

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    Basically just what every1 else has said terrible chin and struggles to get people down. Once he is there he is awsome though. Even in his last fight he won against nog he was really in trouble before he took his arm with him.

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    Think Mirs best chance is if Reem' gets over anxious and follows him to the ground after a knock down. Reckon Frank could still pull a sub off half akip if Overeem decides to jump into his guard to finish him.

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    Once in a while Mir wins a fight that he's not supposed to win. I don't think this will be one of those times.

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    This is bullshit. Mir wouldn't take the shots and recover like Travis Browne, Mir would get manhandled and kneed against the fence into oblivion; that stupid curly haired arrogant fuck. Overeem is a cunt too for his cheating bullshit ways but Mir needs a good bitch backhander, like they did in the 30s in the films. Y'know "You shut your whore mouth" - SMACK.
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    Think Mir will handle him unless Overeem comes in and rolls back the clock a little. Hopefully if Overeem loses he gets cut and put out of his misery.
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    as someone said i can't see mir withstanding the early onslaught. say what you like about 'reem but hes dangerous no matter what. both his last two defeats hes very nearly won, and as someone else also said mir won't manage what browne and big foot did. he's way past it.
    havent bet on the ufc for a while, going to put quite a bit on a KO inside 3 minutes.

    but this is mma, so....
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    Who cares. They are both past it and not entertaining in any way. The only fight on the card that interests me is GSP v Hendricks.
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