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If you work the doors it should be well drilled into you that as long as you can justify the level of force being used and are quite happy to have to explain yourself in front of a court of law if the shit does hit the fan then use whatever you wish.

I'm always very wary when using any sort of choke on some guy as Sledge said previously, I've been in that same position and absolutely shat my pants. And I'd be very reluctant to use any form of choke on anyone in Aberdeen right now after a recent incident where a guy was choked to death by a jiu-jitsu trained doorman at a nightclub.
^^^This it all comes down to justifying reasonable force. I am the king of justifying the preemptive strike. Chokes although they look awful are actually a good way of subduing violent assailants.

Having used a variety of moves in 13yrs of doorwork. Standing kimura is my favourite as it allows u to plant knee's. Head and arm triangle I have used loads or "unilateral head and arm restraint" as I call it.

Rolling armbar in the queue was probably my coolest ever move.

Altho my F5 is the pinnacle of cool door moves. The story is as follows...

Stood on an raised area on the ground floor of what used to be Yates in MK. From above a drink gets poured on me.

I look up at the balcony section directly above me and no one is there. So I resume surveying the crowd.

Once again a drink gets poured on me, again I look up. This time getting fucking agitated (Prop, Tren and Winny not helping the situation). NOTHING!!! GRRRR!!! I then realise the bar I am facing has a mirrored wall. So rather than monitor the crowd I patiently await the culprit to do it again.

It happen again just as someone starts to talk to me and unfortunately still fucking gets me. By this point I am about to HULK out. Especially as I notice the bell end responsible in the mirror.

I remain calm, which is using all my resolve. He starts to head down stairs where I am. I strut on and meet him 3 steps from bottom. My poker face staying strong, he has no idea he has been rumbled and BOOM.....

BIG right straight to the groin... He buckles, croutching over at the perfect height for me to catch him across my back...

Beast mode fully engaged he is primed for the F5. I foot his weight with ease tbh I am that livid a pregnant wilderbeast would feel light right now. Main entrance doors immediately adjacent to my left.

Like a man possessed I charge thru. The 2 doorman on the front are like WTF as is the busy Saturday night queue and then "IT'S TIME".

With all my might I spin driving his feeble body into the ground from about 7ft in the air...

The best part both his shoes come off on impact and I promptly frisbee them across the street in opposite directions.

Vegence served I walk inside, still twitching and resume surveillance