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Thread: Story's of using training outside the gym

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chocolate View Post
    Yes you have every right to talk about it, but in m opinion it just doesn't come across very well, brings up the image of uneducated guys talking about how hard they are, and involving inflicting pain on people deserved or not.
    A lot of lads who work on the doors on here are very 'educated' in martial arts. Read the thread title mate. They're not boasting about how hard they are, they are discussing what happened and having a laugh about it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Babycakes View Post
    Anyone a member of workingthedoors site?

    And Chocolate doormen do the kind of job that if your mrs was ever in bother in a night out we are her last line of defence just try think of it like that pal. Not all are nobs mate.
    Good post mate. Shit fckin job that some mugs have gotta do. Bouncers get a shocking rap but no one cares to mention pissed up unreasonable (unts you have to deal with. I no longer drink (gave it up years ago) and I have no fckin tollerance of pissed people any more. For this reason I couldn't do any door/security work anymore

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