Right, sorry for the long post, but I'm in need of advice from you experts.

In 12 years of doing MMA I'm now actually do less MMA than ever due to illness, work, fatherhood and laziness. I've recently rediscovered how much I enjoy weights however, having not done weights properly since I was young and fighting fit and didn't have to choose between MMA or weights or life. One thing I never did right, even when I was training properly, was diet correctly; that's what I'm trying to remedy now.

My current goals are:

1, Get stronger (which obviously means build muscle, and I assume means increase calorie intake)
2, Burn off some body fat (which traditionally seems to require lowering calorie intake)

My current workout schedule is:

- 3 sessions of weights a week (all free weights and mostly lifting 3 sets of around 6-8 reps at about 80% 1 rep max, mixed in with some othe stuff including body weight exercises)
- 2-3 sessions of cardio a week (well, 'fat burn' at least, since if I have a heavy bag session it's pretty cardio heavy for me, but 30 minutes on the cross trainer is hardly 'cardio')

My current average daily diet (with rough calorie count) is:

Breakfast (@ 7am)

Bowel of muesli = 450kcal
2 toast or muffin with butter and jam = 200

Lunch (though I just sort of eat it throughout the day)

2 sandwiches with butter and meat = 220
Packet of crisps = 130
2 fruit bars = 220
Apple = 60
Banana = 90

Dinner (@5.30pm)

2 pieces of meat or fish = 350
Large portion of veg = 150


3 biscuits at break each day = 180
Protein shake after a workout = 250

So overall, a relatively 'healthy' diet compared to some, but at an average daily kcal intake of about 2250 it's not very calorific.

So my question is, should I be eating more or less to achieve my goals, given my current workout schedule? Either way what changes should I be making?

Thanks in advance.