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Thread: If Bruce Lee was still alive

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    Default If Bruce Lee was still alive

    Would anybody be able to beat him?

    I know we've had this thread before but new fighters are popping up all of the time and you have to consider the new guys; give them a chance to "go compaaarrrre"

    I think maybe Val-ass-squeeze could put up a threat - if he could even take Bruce down.

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    Not a big Bruce Lee fan however so maybe I'm off, but the skills of MMA fighters have evolved so much. Assuming you mean Bruce Lee in his prime and not in present day where he would learn new skills. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    It's impossible to know. I once participated in a similar pub conversation about how Jimi Hendrix's guitar playing would have evolved. For all anyone knows, he might have been singing ballads in a nightly show in Vegas. Likewise Bruce Lee may have given up martial arts and be presenting Strictly Come Dancing (Given his background as a cha-cha-cha champion; and that's not me stuttering)
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    Id imagine quite a few of the ufc roster would beat bruce lee.

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    This has to be a joke.. Valesquez would of got him down. Oh and he'd have brutalised him.

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    Lee was ahead of his time now times caught up and Martial arts has evolved so he would be just another pro fighter in my opinion.
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    With his skill set and not the skill set of a modern MMA fighter he wouldn't beat any one with basic wrestling and Bjj.

    Blows my mind that adults that have an even basic knowledge of combat would think otherwise.
    Must be a weird nostalgia thing.

    If he was around these days and trained MMA, who knows.

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    Might not be the first fight on people's minds but Bruce Lee vs. Bruce Leeroy could be good. similar size, striker vs. grappler, a cool afro in the mix...
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    well obviously he would have to re-visit his armbar defence because of NSAC rules. But other than that his style is pretty good - built for mma. Between that at his quickness he would be a handful.
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    If Bruce lee was still alive he would be 73.?
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