Lots been said about Rousimar Palhares recently – got some wickedly good coverage of it on MMAJunkie.

Ben Fowlkes is critical

I can only think of two possible explanations for why Palhares keeps doing this. One is that it's all part of a strategy. He thinks the way to make people tap quicker than they really need to is to instill in them a fear that, no matter when they submit, he'll keep cranking the hold for another few seconds anyway. It's a mental game he's playing, purposefully crafting a reputation for cranking submissions in order to make opponents fear the madman Rousimar Palhares.

Possible explanation No. 2 is less complicated: Palhares is just a dirtbag. He lacks empathy and respect for his fellow fighters. He's a bad person who refuses to learn from his past mistakes, and he wants to make sure we all know it.

Alex Davis, Palhares’ manager responds, bit pissed off:

What Rousimar did was wrong. But what Renato "Babalu" Sobral did was also wrong, when he had a choke on David Heath and did not let it go. And although "Babalu" did get cut from the UFC, he was not turned into a monster. Rousimar does not do this on purpose. He does it subconsciously. But he will have learned his lesson, and he will fight with his head on, and he will beat everyone put in front of him – maybe in a nicer way! And when this happens, I will remind the world of all of this: There are many truths in this situation. Rousimar has been turned from a transgressor to a victim of public opinion and people's ignorance.

Fowlkes responds to that:

The truth is, I can't say why Palhares does this any more than Davis can. Maybe it's intentional and maybe it isn't. But if we're to believe that it's out of Palhares' control, that he can't quite stop himself once he's in the cage, I'm not sure that's a great argument in his favor. I am sure that it's not a sufficient excuse. A fighter who can't control himself isn't a victim – he's a problem. And until Palhares gets his problem sorted out, he shouldn't be fighting anyone, anywhere.