Piotr Hallman speaks to Jeevan ahead of his lightweight bout with Al Iaquinta this weekend.

YourMMA: What kind of support expecting support the UK? Will fighting in England be easier than fighting in Brazil?

PH: I heard there is a big Polish community in Manchester Ė I hope they will come out to support me. Iíve already gotten some messages that a few of them will. Some of my friends from Tricity will also be going. Not just since my UFC win, but also leading up to the fight, the support Iíve gotten from my fans has been nothing but spectacular! My Facebook and Twitter have been exploding!

Fighting in the UK will definitely be much easier than fighting in Brazil as I wonít have to travel for 18+ hours to get there and there wonít be a change of climate. In addition to that, Iím sure it will be much easier finding all the stuff that I need for my weight cut in Manchester Ė that was quite a challenge in Belo Horizonte.
Should be a good matchup this - both guys tough and durable, and has some decent victories on their resume.

Props to 'em both for standing in.