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Thread: Another injury hits the UFC Manchester card just a week out

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    Default Another injury hits the UFC Manchester card just a week out

    Mike Wilkinson has had to pull out of his fight with Jimy Hettes on next week's card in the UFC.

    More information on the reason and his facebook message can be found on this source:

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    Can someone call Sean Shelby and give him Jay Furness number please, cheers
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    Surely it would be a call to Team Antonio or Andy Cona, yes?!
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    "injured" lol

    wilkinson would have been out grappled anyways. He doesn't belong in the UFC

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    I hope you die of aids. (To him above)

    Anyway..... The 1st Scottish fighter in the Ufc is going to replace him. Hope he puts on a good show but Hettes is a class act.

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    Who the replacement guys

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    Whiteford? Turner?

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    whiteford will replace Wilkinson

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    Is that confirmed Nimmy?

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