I was speaking to a few friends last night who had been to watch a Thai boxing show. I asked who was fighting, was there any good fights etc etc as you do. Then 1 of the lads who they mentioned was fifhting came in the pub. So I asked who he was fighting did he win.... His answer was I stopped the guy in the 2nd, he was 55 year old. Before I even asked who it was I thought mike persil. So I turned to the 1st group I spoke to and said did he fight mike? They said "don't kno his name, but he isn't allowed to fight mma any more because he is that bad" of corse it was him. At the end of the fight he got a mike (like the pun) and made a speech about being 55 year old and don't let any body tell you that you can't.

So he is on the rampage again people