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Thread: Dana White on Paul Daley.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzly. View Post
    If we're talking semantics they're not the same. Top businessmen make stupid mistakes like punching doors and driving after a beer.

    The guy literally committed assault of another human being, not once, but twice. But of course, I understand your point.
    Yeah, I know they're not the same
    But those were the only things I could think of a top guy doing that put the UFC in a bad light.

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    Yeah like I said understand your point completely dude.

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    I don't know enough about Paul Daley's history or the history of the other people mentioned in this thread to know whether what i am going to say is an issue in this case. However, I would think that the underlying principle would be that if we are trying to evaluate whether or not an indefinite ort lifetime ban is fair we would need to know what that person's track record was in relation to offences similar to the one that led to the ban.
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    Paul Daley will never be back. his best bet is Bellator and events like BAMMA that can pay him to fight average brazilian and polish fighters.

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    Dana sia said women would never fight in the UFC . Look what happend ther if daily has gd fights he will be back
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