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Thread: Dork in the Bow Tie on BT Sport

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    The Bow tie guy just didn't have any personality that's not an insult it's an observation, his knowledge was spot on but he needed to be more outgoing and less stiff, he was dealing with a co presenter that seemed to have little to no knowledge and was also with little personality and stiff, there was no denying it was an uncomfortable watch, like other have said they need a fighter on there to add a little experience.

    Also GAD isn't liked because he seems like a pompous eaton boy, but the reality is, he's doing more for MMA in the UK than most on here, who else constantly puts MMA in the main stream media?

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    The 'Dork' in the bow tie was knowledgeable and talked sense, the woman was awful as was GAD. I had no issues with the studio chat though you come to expect it from BT Sport, but they shouldn't of kept cutting back to the studio after every fight. It just ruined the flow of the event, usually you feel a bit of the atmosphere of the event when you're watching it at home and that's what makes it for me along with Rogans analysis etc etc.

    After all the shit they got on twitter I doubt they will be using the same set up for the next event.

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    Was at the Arena so didn't see the studio coverage but in the Arena they had GAD doing the fight previews just before walkouts and for me personally i didn't like it and there was others sat around me who shared my sentiment.

    I didn't have a problem with what he said it was more how he said it. When Goldie or Anik do it always makes me get that bit more excited for a fight but didn't feel that last night.

    Just my personal observation but nothing against Gareth.
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    GAD just sounds too posh which is kinda a shame as there shouldnt be any barriers with MMA but he just doesnt fit the image for me, dude has done a lot for the sport in the UK to be fair though so I cant ever knock him, his telegraph column covered MMA a long time ago in fairness.

    Bow tie dude - seemed ok to me, though did fast forward large parts of it. The whole thing with BT needs work, doesnt feel as slick or polished as if it was on Sky, hopefully it will all settle down and get better as time goes on.
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    If only that guy had an account on here.
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    Look, John Gooden did a good job with what he had. His knowledge was spot on and he was trying to explain things in an easy way to people that may not be used to MMA. Let's not forget that BT Sport was free for everybody this weekend so clearly they were trying to market the UFC to new viewers. The female was there for just eye candy which was a little disappointing and GAD, well he's just GAD!
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    John knows his stuff, but I agree that GAD just shouldn't be there! They should have had Hardy or Hathaway with John as a co presenter IMO.

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    I didn't like BT Sports presentation at all. The guy in the bow tie was constantly checking a script on the desk in front of him, as was the woman doing the presenting with him. The whole chat was like an awkward date. It seemed like they were struggling for things to say. It pissed me off enough to Tweet BT Sport about it. I was Sky+'ing the UFC and boxing, so watched the Kell Brook undercard for an hour or so, so I could go back to the UFC and fast forward it when they came on.

    Gareth A Davies is a pure research journalist. He knows nothing about MMA, doesn't give a shit about MMA and only got into it because he wasn't really getting any boxing exclusives. He spotted a niche and jumped all over it. Which to his credit was clever and although I think Gaz is a bit of a drip he has done some good for the sport. The Telegraph is a decent and respected media source, so having coverage from them has certainly helped with MMA being accepted. It's probably contributed to other media outlets reporting on it too.

    At least the fights were pretty decent. Some excellent wins for the Brits, we done better than I thought and an awesome finish from Machida. If Anderson Silva doesn't beat Weidman in the rematch I'm sure Machida will be having a crack at him at some point.
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    I like GAD and I like the bloke with the bow tie. In fact I didn't mind the female presenter either because what really matters is that I can watch MMA on the telly.

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    Bow tie wasn't bad but the chemistry with blonde women reading from script was shit. At the end of the day when you have two people working you need chemistry and it was apparent that didn't happen. As for Garth Davies he's clueless end off every time I've seen him he's came across as stiff and may as well be reading from a script

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