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Think it's funny that people posting on a cage warriors forum don't know the name of a cage warriors commentator/safe Mma member and continue to call him 'guy in a bow tie'.
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Oh come on. Internet posters are generally loudmouth assholes who couldn’t give a shit, for example, just look at sengoku’s posts. You can’t expect them to care or remember anything, and it definitely won’t stop them from being out of order if they feel like it.

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Its no easy job when you are in a studio expected to work with someone you have never met before and expected to fill time as someone shoves a camera in your face and gives you time cues in your ear.
Fair enough, you know him, you defend him, makes sense. But there’s no requirement for anyone else to feel the inner kindness that you do.

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The blonde did the best she could with what little knowledge she had. Imagine if you were put into a studio and asked to do the same for a fencing tournament... How knowledgable would you be??? They need presenters who know how to dress for TV and who can handle themselves in front of the camera and think on their feet.
Can’t tell if you are defending her or trolling her to the maximum. ‘she don’t know shit, but she looks the part and is sassy on the mic’


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The bow tie bloke definitely knew what he was on about...
Haha, love the audacity of this after the previous posts

That said, don’t worry about any unfriendly opinions John, won’t help – all the best, congrats on getting the gig, wicked stuff.