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Thanks to you both for replies. This sport is growing with a new exciting platform. We all have expectations and some of us are going to have to step up to support it. Lets support those when they do. As for Gareth, I've met him a few times and he's a real gentleman. After what I have experienced this weekend I dont know how he carries his phone with him. The man works for the Telegraph, BT Sport, Fox and does bits for the UFC...all at the same time. That is a massive ask and perhaps why I was asked to come into the studio. We need a man with Gareth's skills, access and ambition to help drive the UFC in order to benefit regional MMA. He's trying to develop his knowledge, but he barely gets time to sleep!! I met him formally at Marc Goddards ref/ judges seminar, so he's genuinely trying to develop his knowledge. In a partnership with a well-informed character from MMA/ UFC they will have the bases covered at BTS. But, if you dont buy into someone's style that so be it. Caroline's new as can be seen, but she's so enthusiastic and excited about the sport. Her partner has trained in the sport and she's committed to deepening her knowledge and involvement. She had a very difficult job on Saturday and is probably her biggest critic. I found it very upsetting and difficult reading people's comments about her.
Don't get upset, people love to whinge and moan about everything.