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Thread: Dork in the Bow Tie on BT Sport

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnJunior View Post
    Thanks to you both for replies. This sport is growing with a new exciting platform. We all have expectations and some of us are going to have to step up to support it. Lets support those when they do. As for Gareth, I've met him a few times and he's a real gentleman. After what I have experienced this weekend I dont know how he carries his phone with him. The man works for the Telegraph, BT Sport, Fox and does bits for the UFC...all at the same time. That is a massive ask and perhaps why I was asked to come into the studio. We need a man with Gareth's skills, access and ambition to help drive the UFC in order to benefit regional MMA. He's trying to develop his knowledge, but he barely gets time to sleep!! I met him formally at Marc Goddards ref/ judges seminar, so he's genuinely trying to develop his knowledge. In a partnership with a well-informed character from MMA/ UFC they will have the bases covered at BTS. But, if you dont buy into someone's style that so be it. Caroline's new as can be seen, but she's so enthusiastic and excited about the sport. Her partner has trained in the sport and she's committed to deepening her knowledge and involvement. She had a very difficult job on Saturday and is probably her biggest critic. I found it very upsetting and difficult reading people's comments about her.
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    That 'Dork' in the Bow Tie is sexy and he knows it!..............John looked slick, has his own style, shared his excellent knowledge on MMA and on the fighters. He was a true testament in what a professional UK MMA pundit should be and I look forward in seeing him again on BT Sports working with the UFC in the future.
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    I haven't seen the BT Sport broadcast, but the general consensus I've seen was that John's knowledge was great and he did a good job under the circumstances. It's great for UK MMA to have him on there. Obviously they need to make some changes, but there will always be critics.

    Teething problems aside, they're putting the effort in to making unique programming and trying to bring in new fans. They're doing more than any of the UK broadcast partners before them, and Garry Cook seems to want to move in the right direction. To us, yeah it probably was aiming a bit low, but remember we're the tiny, tiny minority.

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    I think my main issue is I simply prefer watching the American version. And feel kind of mugged off that now I have to go on the internet to watch it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Babycakes View Post
    I think my main issue is I simply prefer watching the American version. And feel kind of mugged off that now I have to go on the internet to watch it.
    They will only use that format for the live uk shows, the 3am Saturday night shows will still be the same as before

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    after thinking about this, i think John should get that bow tie mounted in a glass case and give it pride of place in his home - it is literally a piece of clothing which trolled the entire internet.

    you have options now, you could keep wearing a bow tie as a gimmick and make yourself highly recognisable, but then take the inevitable angry reaction on the chin, or just retire the thing with a record of 400-0
    'Go read a fucking book, you piece of shit.'

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    Long Live John!
    We've known John for years - even undertook a documentary on our second show.
    Very professional, did a great job of educating - I hope BTS have him back! But agree with some more co-hosts.
    But BTS are new to the sport, there learning as much as the general public.

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    Good show imo, Female presenter will be good long term- Thought she done well for a first live show, always ready with a question. Tidy aswell which helps.

    Dork-guy (sorry John but defo deserved for the bow-tie) was also good, never seen him before but i'd prefer his analysis/chat over most fighters (Pearson for example). Im no hard-core fan btw just really watch all the UFC events.

    All in all far better show than the usual 'fight nights' which are littered with ad-breaks (Think people are forgetting this!)

    Someone above mentioned Sky doing a better job, take it they've forgotten about that 'cage fighter' show?! Just imagine those guys on a Ufc show pahaha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnJunior View Post
    Good evening CW forum. As I feel like this is kind of my home pitch, I wanted to respond to this thread. Hereís my confession: my nameís John Gooden and mixed martial arts is pretty much my life. I have trained for about 7 years under Mark Chen, David Lee and Denniston Sutherland and I have commentated for a while, starting at Kayo and now CW since CW38. I also cover the Shock N Awe show. Add to that I am a board member at SAFE MMA.
    This weekend I was given 2 great opportunities; one to host a Q&A for the UFC, which was great fun, but a tough gig. The other was to sit on the BT Sport coverage for the event. I thought Iíd have a small part opening the show with Caroline and then wrapping up, but when I got there (from Manchester) I discovered I would be used for Ďreactioní and also that I was the only guest. So I took my seat at 4.40pm and didnít leave it until about after the show, so after 11? My dorkiness and choice of attire aside, I originally decided to help represent the sport as I saw it was being done poorly in some places and very few people were getting in front of a camera or mic. On Saturday I answered questions during a live show. A show where there were mixed results for the Brits and unfortunate endings to fights. I made a mistake about Ross Pearson being from Nottingham, but I was about to speak about his ties to the Rough House. Other than that I gauged pretty early on that this was to be an accessible show to newcomers as it was free to air. Please excuse me if I wasnít my usual energetic self, but they were unfamiliar surroundings with new people. Also, Iím usually the one queuing up the questions, so answering them again was a little different. I should add, I had no script though I did have notes as I always do. There were 24 fighters on the night and I challenge anyone to know their stories and stats front to back in a live studio format.
    Hi John - I haven't seen the broadcast so cannot comment on the quality of BTS or presenters in general. Sounds like piss poor prep however, on the part of BTS in the main. Turning up to find out what your role is on the night, particularly as you are a inexperienced broadcaster, is just not what you would expect. Well done for getting through the broadcast!

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    Bowtie wanker
    Fuck no-gi

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